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Top Service Celebrate 25 Years Of Trading

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When Top Service began trading 25 years ago, the market was very different. Of course, the internet was only in its infancy and not available to the general public, so research meant long phone calls and visits to public and council offices.  Nonetheless, founders Lisa Cardus and Kevin Halligan were determined to make a success of the business.

How things came about:

From their own personal experiences, they knew there was a real need for a specialist credit information provider and collection service. It was a construction boom time, with new developments springing up all over the UK – they spotted a gap in the market and set about filling it.

“Construction is a lengthy process, involving many layers of providers,” says Lisa. “People need to know that their business partners are financially stable – nobody wants a project going under halfway through completion. And that’s why setting up Top Service was so essential.

“In the early days, we had just a handful of small builders’ merchants as clients, but pretty soon, word got around about how we did business. At the core of the company’s values, we’ve always held integrity, transparency and community at our heart. We set out to genuinely care about our customers, and have continued to do so. We provide them with accurate information, excellent support and very reasonable terms. And that’s why we’re here 25 years on,” says Lisa.

Staff Are A Vital Cog Too:

“On the flip side, we also care about our staff. We truly believe that happy employees are productive, so we nurture staff development and a ‘family’ environment. That way, we grow our knowledge base and keep it close to home. We have a wealth of insider information at our fingertips – another secret weapon that helps us stay ahead of the competition.”

To date, Top Service boasts over 2,500 traders amongst our specialist community

What Our Customers Say:

We were there at the beginning,” says Martyn Rees, County Building Supplies, “and Top Service’s determination soon had even some of the most difficult old debts resolved. Top Service now seem to be the leading company in the industry the by word for information”

Plans For The Future:

Now recognised as the ‘go to’ company for all aspects of credit information, credit control and debt collection within the industry, Top Service has great plans for the future, including continued growth, whilst keeping up levels of customer service.

“We started life with a philosophy that customers are the priority,” says Lisa. “This remains embedded in our company values. Our customers are key, and we’d like to thank everyone who has supported us, for making the company what it is today.”