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We provide Insolvency Practitioners with a tailored end to end Post-Insolvency Debt Collection Service. We provide our service in collaboration with Silverback Commercial Law who offer competitive rates if legal action is required to recover monies owed.

Why Use us?

  • No collection, no fee service with an agreed commission rate up-front to guarantee transparency.
  • A hassle-free service. Bespoke online reporting means that you have 24/7 access to live information on all cases.
  • Our bespoke collection strategies mean that no case is treated the same. Our access to credit information and exclusive trading experiences enables us to change strategy quickly when our incoming intelligence is received, providing excellent results.
  • Fast, effective collections. We know that speed is of the essence so all collections are given top priority.  We don’t just go through the motions, our experienced and highly skilled team members are adept at tricky negotiations, dispute resolution, tracing absconded debtors and thinking outside of the box to achieve tangible results.
  • Fully compliant.  We have been trading for 30 years and we have always taken compliance very seriously.  We are authorised by the FCA and Top Service Ltd is a corporate member of the Credit Services Association (CSA).  All senior Top Service staff are members of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management and collections professionals are hand-picked and trained to the highest standards.
  • We have 30 years of experience in collecting commercial and contract debts.
  • We are known for our attention to detail and high-quality customer service. We understand the need to communicate clearly and honestly with our clients.
  • We work in partnership with trusted law firm Silverback Commercial Law Services Ltd who also have an excellent compliance record.

What we offer

  • Free of Charge Ledger Consultation
  • Collections Process with online access to live information on all cases
  • Retention & Contract Collections
  • Legal Action to Recover monies owed
  • Dispute resolution

Free of Charge Ledger Consultation

We will provide a thorough report following an in-depth ledger review.  This report will contain the level of collectible debt and a recommendation for next steps. We recognise that it is important for you to have a clear indication of the potential for collection and that this information needs to be processed quickly and efficiently.

Collections process

We will move debts effectively through our debt collection service which is designed to deal with collecting money in an efficient, timely and effective manner, where legal action is not appropriate at this stage.

Retention & Contract Collections

Retention collection is a matter of course for our expert team based on our years of experience within the construction sector. We also have expert knowledge on more complex collection cases, which need a different approach.

Legal Action to Recover Monies Owed

Where legal action is necessary, we will refer to our trusted partner Silverback Commercial Law Services who are experts in insolvency litigation, mediation, arbitration, director loan account collections and legal debt collection.

To discuss our Post Insolvency Collections Service with a member of our expert team please email