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Chasing Letters

Our chasing letters have a 90% success rate! Members are entitled to up to 10 chasing letters each month and an unlimited number of chasing emails.

Sometimes slow payers and bad debtors need a push from a third party and who better to provide that push than an agency with a high profile in the construction industry?

We have a choice of two chasing letters:

  • Overdue Invoices Reminder Letter
  • Notice of 3rd Party Action

Sent on our letterhead from our office it is the ideal way of reminding your customer payment is due or informing them of potential 3rd party action.

Our chasing letters have a 90% success rate for many of our members and are a popular choice for starting the recovery process. 

Our popular and effective chasing letters can also be sent out by email with no restrictions to the number you can send.  Send emails to your debtors through our website at the touch of a button.