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Pre-Litigation – No Collection, No Fee

A 14 day process where a solicitor approved letter before action is sent and telephone calls are made to your customer demanding payment.

Throughout this 14 day process our team will do their best to collect your money for you, they will also begin to prepare your case for legal action.

A review will take place by our solicitor firm who will make recommendations for legal action based on the amount of the debt, your customer’s situation and our industry specific credit information.

Lauren Woolley, Head of Business Operations explains the difference between our collections & pre-litigation service.

Your case will be reviewed and prepared for you to take legal action once the 14 day letter before action has expired. This service is suitable for cases where:

  1. A pro-active collection process has already taken place
  2. Your customer has been given the opportunity to raise a dispute and they haven’t
  3. You want to take a strong collection approach
  4. You intend to take legal action
  5. Where legal action is necessary, we will instruct our solicitor and manage your case for you ensuring you receive a seamless & high quality service. We will provide you with updates on your case and you can also check the progress of your cases online via our website.

Court fees & fixed solicitors costs (which will be agreed with you), will be payable on any action taken by our solicitors along with our no collection, no fee commission charge.