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The Ministry of Justice UK has published its response to the consultation on ‘Increasing selected court fees and help with fees income thresholds by inflation’.

The Government has analysed the responses to the consultation and considered the impact of policy proposals and recurring themes raised by some of the respondents. The consultation invited comments on the proposal to increase some court fees in line with historical inflation dating back to August 2016, or the date the fee was last amended if later, to the start of the 2021/22 financial year. 

The Statutory Instrument to effect these changes will shortly be laid before Parliament and the changes will come into effect on 30 September 2021. The new fee structure is outlined below (provided by trusted partner Silverback Law)

ActionOld Court FeeNew Court Fee
Bankruptcy/Winding up Petition£280.00£302.00
Register CCJ for use abroad£66.00£71.00
Application for Charging Order£110.00£119.00
Application for Attachment of Earnings£110.00£119.00
Writ of Control (HECO)£60.00£71.00
General Application (on notice)£255.00£275.00
General Application (consent/no notice)£100.00£108.00

Emma Miller, Top Service Company Director says:

“With court fee’s increasing coupled with the announcement that temporary insolvency restrictions brought in by the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act (Coronavirus) to protect businesses from creditor action will be phased out from 1st October 2021 we are seeing more and more customers reviewing their current collection methods and looking for alternatives to court action. We advise members to look at their options for collection and take advice from their collections service provider on the best course of action and consider all options.” 

What makes Top Service Ltd different? 

As the only credit reference and debt recovery agency specific to the construction industry, we make it our mission to ensure our members receive the most up to date, credit information and company trading experiences which can make a real difference between company profit and painful write-offs. 

Are you struggling to recover the money you are owed?

Top Service members have access to an exclusive combination of no collection, no fee debt recovery services.

“We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about any bespoke changes you would like to make to our debt recovery procedures to fit the culture you have for maintaining customer relationships, whilst addressing the need to keep cash flow as fluid as possible for your business.Please contact our collections team to talk through any individual cases or to explore how else we can support you,” Emma Miller, Company Director Top service Ltd.

Contact our helpdesk team today on 01527 518800 to discuss how Top Service can support and help you protect your business.