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"Access to trading experience information is vitally important to our business" City Tool Hire

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We make it our mission to ensure our members receive the most up to date credit information and company trading experiences available which, can make a real difference between profit and painful write-offs. City Tool Hire recognises the importance of monitoring company trading experiences and taking action to prevent company loss. 


Recently, they raised their concerns with us about a company which owed them more than £30k and held their machinery on site.  With access to up to the minute credit data we were able to respond immediately and confirmed a Notice of Intent had been filed by the company. This information enabled City Tool Hire to act quickly and retrieve their machines and so limit the financial impact to their business. 


“I am grateful to Top Service for informing us so quickly that the company had closed which enabled us to act swiftly and recall our machinery. Access to trading experience information is vitally important to our business and we value the level of customer support Top Service has shown us, the financial impact could have been far worse if they had not acted so fast on our behalf.” Kalpesh Davdra, Finance Manager for City Tool Hire


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