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July 2022

National Insolvency Report: Monthly Statistics July 2022

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National Insolvency figures published (15 July 2022) by the Government’s Insolvency Service have indicated that the number of registered company insolvencies in June 2022 was 1,691: 40% higher than in the same month in the previous year (1,207 in June 2021), and 15% higher than the number registered three years previously (pre-pandemic; 1,467 in June 2019). In June […]… Continue Reading

The Small Claims Track

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Written by Alex Baker, Paralegal in the Commercial Litigation Team, at Silverback Law What Is The Small Claims Track? When a claim is brought at court, and a Defence is received, the court will allocate it to one of three ‘tracks’ which will determine how that case will be handled: Small Claims Track Fast Track […]… Continue Reading

Grow & Protect Your Business With Great Credit Management Practices

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The facts around the credit industry are that insolvencies are on the up, which means so is the risk to your business.  The Government’s most recent insolvency statistics show that ‘registered company insolvencies’ are 79% higher than in the same month of the previous year’. Even comparing the latest figures with pre-pandemic figures, they are […]… Continue Reading